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Best Uses For Smart Plug

 If you are new to smart home ideas or just thinking to step in into the realm of smart home Smart Plug is a great way to start. But  What Is A Smart Plug this is something that goes into your existing wall mounted electric socket and then act smartly with the devices fitted into the smart plug. Suppose you have connected your table lamp or floor lamp to a smart plug attached to your wall mounted socket, you can now control them with your smartphone with the help of App(s) supporting the respective smart plug.
There are numerous use  of a pity simple smart plug we shall try to discover some of them;

Smart Plugs Wakes you up :

Loosing a minutes in the morning, you will be all day hunding for it. waking up early in the morning is a mammoth task specially when you try it for the first time, But if you put your lights those are connected to smart plug in schedule to come on in that time then the lights will send messages to your brain that its time to leave the bed and your body will be ready to get up.

Makes Coffee or Tea for you:

Caffeine- it maintains lot of people’s personality, Morning tea or coffee is an integral part of a many people’s life,if you connect your coffee machine or electric Kettle and put the required ingredients into them before bed time and scheduled at wake up time, you tea or coffee would be ready when you just got up from bed. Moreover, the aroma of coffee or tea would help you to wake up in time.

Gear up your Geyser :

Hot geyser spurt cool in release –Connect you geyser to a smart plug ( Please check documentation of that Plug and make sure that it is compatible with your geyser) and put it at schedule at 15-20 min. before your shower time and get a warm pleasant shower jut in time.

Hair Iron Pre-Heating :

Hit the iron when it is hot but DON”T make it hot by hitting rather connect it to a smart plug and put it in schedule according to your need, get a preheated hair iron in time to organize your hair.

Deceive Burglars :

Burglaries are not always planned, rather they look for opportunities for commiting crimes, if find out the owner is away from home by seeing no lights on they will take chance. Smart plug can help deceiving these type of burglar by putting the lights on with e plugs when it is dark. You can either remotely put them on with your mobile or put them at schedule.

Managing Kids Schedule :

Finish your homework and start playing, don’t let people from other part of the world to take your jobs. Playing is essential for healthy growth of kids but homework which the kids don’t like is also important. Parents can control TV, Gaming Console, lights etc. etc. through smart plug to make sure kids don’t only play.

Prepare your home just before you arrive :

Home is not a place… its a feelings, but if you can’t feel home at your home nothing would be right for you. So you need to prepare your home by putting the light(s), aircon or heater/warmer, geyser, coffee maker on. Smart plug with the help of app can get these done for you. Put those smart plug at schedule or just tap your smartphone to start them in time. Thus you never arrive home in dark and in uncomfortable temperature, moreover you can have your welcome coffee/tea ready as and when you arrive home.

Get your dinner ready arriving home:

The magic happens in the kitchen during dinner if you just put your slow cooker on just in time (could be before leaving office or just at the time of starting home) with your smartphone you can get your dinner ready arriving at home. Feel relaxed and serve the dinner in no time to your loved ones in no time.

Fearless movement at night :

Integrate you smart plug(s) with IFTTT which can sense movement and program you lights those are connected to come on sensing movement at night you can have fear free movement at night for any type of necessity whatsoever including going to bathroom. Moreover if you have someone at home who are nightwalker then this can help a lot.

Put off all required electrical appliance before bed time :

A Sleepy man’s eyes generally go to bed sometimes before he does. Thus putting off required electric appliance before that is a hassle to address that connect all your required electrical appliance to smart plug and put off before bed time just by tapping your smartphone or put them at schedule.

Effective use of energy :

Wasting less energy is better things to do. Space heater, AC, Washer cum Dryer and geyser are energy hungry equipment so turning them on/off in due time can cut your energy bills remarkable . a smart plug can do the job for you if you forget to turn them on/off in time with just a tap to your smartphone or set schedule to get these done automatically.
There are also some smart plug that maintain power consumption logs through which you can keep track of the power consumption of different devices and decide usage control on which device to be exercised and which device to be sent to maintenance.

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