Best Smart Lock For Airbnb

Renting your property or part of your property as a vacation rental with the help of Airbnb can be a profitable option for those who want to generate a passive income through unused property/part of the property. But it is not practically possible for the owner to be physically present at the site at the time of arrival and departure of each and every guest and handover & take back relevant keys. Therefore, a smart lock is a smarter solution to this problem.
There are various smart locks available in the market and we need to consider the features carefully to decide which is the best lock for Airbnb property owner(s).
After hours and hours of research we have concluded that;

Editor’s choice

Why have we choose that

This lock has all the features a Airbnb hosts need, like  easy installation, Keyless, remote control, bump proof, one touch open, built-in alarm, 20 user code, automatically lock, keeps access history, instant alert, pairs with nest security alarm, read more…

Best Overall

Most people like this

Fumbling with key-No more, No need to change the existing deadbolt,  need few min. to install, monitor who is coming in and going out, Android and iOS app, compatible with most home automation system, DoorSense technology,  read more…

Best Budget

The Chepest but still servs the purpose

Sleek interior, traditional key function, backlit keypad having 10 digits, certification of BHMA grade 2,  20 min. fire rating, SmartKey re Key technology, fits almost all standard deadbolt, Very low battery consumption, read more… 

We have studied in depth the following smart locks to come to the above

1. Kwikset Smart Locks

Introduction to Kwikset Smart Locks

a) Kwikset  SmartCode 888 Smart Lock Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt

  • Easy to install
  • Remotely check the lock status, lock or unlock the door and receive notification using compatible smart home system and your smartphone
  • Keyed Entry & Security is Ensured
  • 30 individual code for family/guests and service people
  • 128-bit data encryption ensures higher security
  • ANSI/BHMA grade 3 certified
  • Extended wireless range
  • SmartKey® and re-key technology; re-key is possible in just few seconds with the provided tool by yourself
  • Adjustable brackets that fits in almost all standard doors
  • Options of choosing round or corner faceplate
  • 2 physical key is included
  • Can communicate with home automation system via Z-Wave enables you customize your smart gadgets upon locking and unlocking
  • Can lock automatically in 30 seconds.
  • Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty

-Reasonable Price
-Remotely Control from anywhere using smartphone
-Can Communicate with Home Automation System
-Puts on lights, Ac, Heat and other device as door is unlocked
-30 user code can be assigned
-Different validity for different user code
-sends notification via email and Text
-SmartKey re Key technology
-Lifetime Mechanical warranty and one year electronics warranty
-Firmware updates automatically

-Bumping is possible
-Only Works with Z-Wave
-No Alarm System in case of outside temparing attempts
-Few color options to match with the paint of the door
-No warning system for low battery
-No Voice Control

b) Kwikset SmartCode 910 Traditional Deadbolt

  • Installation is easy
  • Single Touch Locking
  • Automatic Locking After 30 Seconds
  • Programmable 30 Individual code for 30 different user
  • Lock and Unlock from Anywhere with the help of supporting Z-wave home Automation system
  • Remotely status checking (whether the door is locked or unlocked)
  • Email and text notification facilities
  • Backup Physical Keys are available in case of Battery failure or code mismatch
  • re-key is possible in just few seconds using re-key technology
  • Voice Control can be established with Alexa and hub (Alexa and hub to be bought seperately)
  • Z-Wave Home Automation System Compatible
  • Home Connect Technology enables to communicate other smart gadgets of the home allows the user to customize those upon locking and unlocking
  • Side Lock Bar is used to protect Key Bumping

Meet the Kwikset SmartCode 910 Traditional Deadbolt

Competitive price
-Easily installs with just a screwdriver
-Works with Alexa and Smartthings
-Backlit keypad allows the user to use the keypad in dark
-Lock and unlock from anywhere
-Check the door status from anywhere
-Notify the user when it is locked or unlocked
-Can be integrated with any Z-Wave compatible device.
– Available in 3 different color to match the color of the door(s)
-Also Compatible with Z-Wave Plus
-Can Communicate with other devices at home and their action can preprogrammed at locking or unlocking, like at the time of locking all smart bulbs of the home will go off and again will come on at the time of locking
-SmartKey re-Key options
-Bumping is still possible as there is mechanical keyhole
-No built-in Alarm to warn bumping attempts
-Only communicates through Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus
-No Warning for low Battery
-Seperate hub required
-Poor signal, sometimes repeater is required to hookup with the hub

c) Kwikset SmartCode 913 Electronic Deadbolt 

  • Easy to install with one screwdriver
  • 2 Version available one with Z-Wave Technology and the other with Zigbee
  • Sleek Metal Design
  • Smart Entry without Key
  • Backup physical key in case of any failure of battery or software
  • Certified by BHMA (  Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association ) Grade 2
  • Backlight keypad (10 dignit) facilities with changing color and opacity
  • One touch locking facilities
  • Automatic locking facilities
  • Different access code for different user upto 16
  • Change code whenever you want
  • 20 minutes fire rating (UL Certified)
  • SmartKey re-key facilities; re-keying is possible is just few seconds with provided accessories
  • BumpGuard protection
  • Fits in almost all standard doors (please check product Specification manual)

Lowest Price in the smart lock series
-Easy to install in just few min. with just a screwdriver
-One touch locking
-Sleek interior
-Audible backlit 10 digit keypad
-BHMA grade 2 certified
-UL Certified with 20 min. fire rating
-Fits almost all standard door
-Auto lock in 30 sec.
-SmartKey re Key in just 3 steps
-Bumping is Possible
-Doesn’t have Z-Wave or Zigbee so can’t communicate with home Automation system
-No Alarm system to alert bumping
-Not controllable from remote places

2. Schlage Smart Lock

Introduction to Schlage Smart Lock

a) Schlage Be365 Keypad Deadbolt

  • Easy Installation in few minutes
  • Different access code can be created for different guests (upto 19)
  • Guaranty is given to be fitted on standard door
  • Backset of universal latches and deadbolts fits 2 to 0.375 inch or 2 to 0.75 inch backsets
  • Keypad’s number is protected from wearing off by silicone cote
  • Battery consumption is very low
  • Backlit Keypad
  • Premium Metal Construction
  • Mechanical and finish warranty for lifetime
  • One year warranty for electronic part
  • Easy creation ad deletion of code

-Easey to install no wiring needed
-Very Reasonable price
-From a very reliable 100 year old company
-6 different color available to match with the color of the door
– Silicon quoted keypad helps numbers from wearing off
-Fits almost all standard door
-Different code for different People
-Warning for low battery
-Premium look with metal construction
-Not 100% Bump Proof
-Not remotely controllable
-Can’t be hooked with home automation system
-No Alarm System to notify bumping attempts

b) Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

  • Easy to install
  • Extremely durable highest in the industry
  • Stylish look
  • Keyless Entry by entering access code on touchscreen
  • Availability of iOS and Android app to manage code, scheduling access and view access history
  • Lock and Unlock remotely using Schlage Sense wifi adapter
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit Devices for using with iOS and Siri
  • Paired with Alexa for voice control ( Schelage Sense wifi adapter and Alexa Device Required, Sold Seperately)
  • 5-pin tumble, C Keyway, Secure Encryption- Ensures Security
  • Can Be Controlled from iPad and Apple TV if they are connected to home wifi network.
  • Can also be paired with smartphone with Bluetooth
  • Backup Physical Key is included in case of any Software, Connectivity, or Battery failure
  • Home power outage is not a problem as it accept code during that period
  • Door Attack can be notified with the help of built-in alam

-Easy to install and use
-Voice control facilities
-Pairs with almost all home automation system
– 5-pin tumbler increases security
-C Keyway
-Remotely Lock and unlock
-Can also pair with iPad and Apple TV
-Lifetime Guaranty
-Free App for both iOS an Android
-Built-in alarm to notify bumping attempts and potential door attack
-Low Battery Indicator
-Update and upgrade facilities are available
-Bumping is still possible
-Strong kick is needed to put the alarm on
-App is still slow

c) Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

  • Installation is very easy, just a screwdriver is needed
  • Wifi built-in lets you connect to your home network without any adaptor or hub
  • Remotely lock and unlock through Schlage Home App or Key App
  • Different access code for different people and upto 100 access code can be generated
  • Warning for low battery
  • Resistant to fingerprint which helps securing the code that is no one can guess code by discovering the fingerprint on the keypad
  • Convenient one touch locking
  • Capacity of Sensing potential door attack with the help of built-in alarm system
  • Can be paired with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Keeps log separately for each and every code
  • Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty
  • 3 years warranty for electronic part
  • Guarantee is given to be fitted on all standard door
  • Compatible to 2.4 GHz Wifi Network
  • Access can be scheduled for a specific access code

-Just a screwdriver is needed to install
-Fits almost all standard door
-Long life
-Built-in WiFi adapter no extra hub required
-Voice Control
-Low Battery indicator
– Unique Snap ‘n Stay technology 
-Low Battery Indicator
-Built-in Alarm
-Automatically locks and unlocks
-can operate through Schlage home app or amazon key app
-Keeps Logs
-Backlit keypad, light comes up at one touch
-Fingerprint registrant keypad, so no guessing of code
-100 Access Code
-Not fully bump proof
-Hard kick(s) is required to put the alarm on
-Works with only 2.4 GHz WiFi network

3. August Smart Lock

Introduction to August Smart Lock

a) August Smart Lock, 3rd Gen technology

  • Easy to install with just a screwdriver
  • Remotely lock and unlock with the help of a Wifi bridge (Sold Seperately)
  • Integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, Airbnb, Home Away Simplisafe and others is possible
  • Smart and Secure Entry — forget the pain of maintaining a key and enhance security with DoorSense technology
  • Allow keyless entry to anyone you want
  • Automatically lock itself when the owner or user forgets to lock the door by mistake
  • Automatically unlock when the owner or guest(s) sensing their phone with bluetooth technology
  • It is possible to fix it with ones’ existing deadbolt so existing keys can be used
  • Monitors the door (if attached with Wifi bridge and august app) all the time sends notification via text and email
  • Keeps logs of who comes in and goes out in a smart way
  • Send keys to guest from anywhere in the world and set schedule for their entry and exit so no unauthorized user

-Easily fixable in existing lock, thus existing key is usable
-keeps track of who comes in and goes out
-Code can be created and send to guest from anywhere
Reasonable Price
-Access Can be Controlled from anywhere
-Set Schedule of access code and control access of guests as per requirement
-Powered with DoorSense which can tell you whether the door is closed and locked
-Can Connect with almost all home automation system
-Automatically unlocks on arrival sensing the smartphone through Bluetooth
-Bumping is possible
-Additional hub required to connect with home automation system
-Doesn’t support Apple HomeKit
-Work with single cylinder only

Best Overallb) August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, 3rd gen technology

  • Easy to Install in just 10 minutes or so
  • No more fumbling with keys
  • Wifi bridge comes with the pack so no need to purchase separately.
  • Controlled keyfree entry and monitor who is getting in and going out.
  • Can be paired with Alexa, for voice control Also integrate with Google Home, HomeKit and IFTTT
  • Can easily be fixed with existing deadbolt so existing keys can be used
  • It has DoorSense which tells the user whether the door is locked or unlocked
  • August app is compatible to Android (5.0 or higher) iOS (9 or higher)
  • Automatically locks ( after a certain period of time as programmed ) even you forget to lock while leaving home
  • Schedule access and expiry of a specific access key
  • Activity can be tracked 24/7 from anywhere it also keeps log so one can check activity later at a any given time

-Installation is very easy, Just few min. required
-Voice control is possible through Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit
– WiFi bridge is Included in the Pack
-Battery Consumption is very low
-Control Remotely by August App
-Unlocks at arrival and locks at departure
-Activity Log can be stored
-Virtual Key Available
-Separate schedule for each access code can be fixed
-DoorSense is available that can tell the owner whether the door is securely closed and locked
-Works with Single Cylinder Deadbolt only
-Bulky interior design
-Bit expensive
-Works only with provided bridge
-Lock Bumping is Possible as it has physical keys
-No built-in Alarm System to warn during bumping

4. Yale Lock

Introduction to Yale Smart Lock

Editor's Choicea) Nest x Yale Lock (Oil-Rubbed Bronze) with Nest Connect…

  • Keyless Entry, in this model of smart lock there is no key hole, so lock bumping is not possible, thus this is more secured.
  • Just a touch is required to open.
  • Easy installation
  • Built-in Alarm , detects tampering attempts thus make it more secure
  • Twenty different users can be created for different user.
  • Encrypted security is enhanced, protects unauthorized entry
  • Battery Powered
  • Works with zigbee/z-wave, (choose as per your home automation system)
  • Remoter control with Smartphone

-Temper Proof
-Bump Proof
-Easy Lock
-No question of loosing key
-Key less, no key no keyway
-Remote Control
-Voice control
-Access history
-Scheduling of access code
-3 different color available for matching the door color
– Nest secure alarm system
-Auto Lock
-Only Works with Next App
-No Physical key
-High Price


We make our decision on the basis of you deep down research. Our research is based on manufacturer’s specification, actual user’s comment and comments of testing and certifications authorities. Thus we believe that we are ending up in a conclusion that are more likely to guide the reader to a reasonably fair decision.

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