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Best Video Doorbell for Airbnb

Best Video Doorbell For Airbnb

How to choose a Smart Video Doorbell for Airbnb

1. Wired or wireless: wired need wiring/wireless needs batteries and are bulkier
2. Video Resolution : 720p is okay but 1080p is better
3. Night Vision: without this it not possible trace what is going on at night
4. Two-way communication: without this ower cant talk with the guest(s)
5. Motion Sensor: Camera of the bell has to come alive sensing motion otherwise not preferable
6. Face Recognition: Can add extra comfort to users
7. Storage: local with SD Card or remote with paid Subscription

Smart Plug

Best Uses For Smart Plug

1. Smart Plugs Wakes you up
2. Makes Coffee/Tea For you
3. Gear Up your Geyser
4. Hari Iron Pre-Heating
5. Deceive Burglars
6. Managing Kids Schedule
7. Prepare Your Home Just Beore You Arrive
8. Get your dinner ready arriving home
9. Put all required electrical appliance before bed time
10. Control Your Power Consumption

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